Carol Schaeffler
Augmentative Communication Specialist


Private Practice

In her private practice, Ms. Schaeffler provides evaluations, on-going treatment, support for families and school personnel, and the development of communication displays and devices.

Individual Treatment

The goal of individual treatment is to help augmentative communication users become effective communicators through the application of communication aids and techniques.  Treatment focuses on the development of conversation, language, literacy, technical and access skills as well as increasing the person’s knowledge of symbols and communication software programs.

Vocabulary Selection, Display Development and Programming

Devices and displays must be personalized to reflect individual needs.  A vocabulary analysis is done based on language development and ongoing consultation with family and school personnel.  This analysis is done to identify preferences, interests, topics, concepts and other personal vocabulary needed to interact in common contexts.  For children, this is an on-going process to insure that vocabulary reflects general language growth and new curriculum needs.  After the appropriate vocabulary is selected, displays are made and devices are programmed.  Manual displays are often constructed to allow interaction in situations when an electronic system is not practical or available. Some individuals also benefit from visual supports to increase receptive language, help them focus, and to deal with challenging behaviors.

Support and Training for Family Members and School Personnel

Training for families and school personnel focuses on necessary skills related to comfort with displays and devices, set-up and care of devices as well as modeling and other implementation strategies. Ms. Schaeffler may provide support and supervision through formal training sessions, site visits, e-mail and telephone contact.

Consultation Services for Schools and Programs:

·       Site assessments to determine the AT needs of programs and schools.

·       Hands-on work with individuals and their teams to evaluate the person’s
        augmentative communication needs and develop an implementation plan.

·       Develop and set-up classrooms for implementing augmentative communication and
        computer technologies.

·       Design and customization of low-tech communication displays and programming devices.


·        Technology as an Early Intervention Tool

·        Overview of Augmentative Communication

·        Implementing Augmentative Communication for Individuals with Autism

·        Issues in AT Service Delivery: A Workshop for Administrators

·        Is Technology Appropriate for My Child?: A Parent Workshop

·        Display Development: Vocabulary Selection, Display Lay-Out, and Using Board Maker

·       Funding Augmentative Communication Systems



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