Carol Schaeffler
Augmentative Communication Specialist

Carol Schaeffler, M.A., CCC/SLP, ATP

Certified Speech - Language Pathologist

Certified Assistive Technology Practitioner

Carol Schaeffler is an augmentative communication specialist and assistive technology practitioner.  She is dedicated to working with children and adults who have significant speech impairments and require the use of augmentative communication techniques.   Ms. Schaeffler provides evluations and treatment to individuals in her private practice.  She provides consultation, training and support to schools and programs.

Ms. Schaeffler focuses on developing the communication abilities of those she works with.  The ability to interact and make one's needs known is essential for a sense of well being and enjoyment of life.  Ms. Schaeffler's goal is to allow each individual to express himself to the greatest extent possible.

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